GT Aero

The  GT is an exceptionally stable, comfortable and easy to handle racing kayak. A perfect boat for new paddlers and TK1 races. Also doubles as an ideal inshore touring boat.

Its light weight making it easy to manage on and off the car and its performance making it ideal for rough conditions. Price and weight include rudder. TK1 legal. Length: 4.58m Width: 58.5cm

Length 4.58 Metres Width 58.5 cm Cockpit: Keyhole

Standard features;

White gelcoat hull. Deck with one or two colours in gelcoat.
All kayaks have outside glass join, Kevlar internal join. (Except all glass 
kayaks have glass inside join)
Four bolt adjustable footrest.
Polystyrene foam bouncy glassed in.
Choice of seats.


Underslung or trailing rudder.

Tiller bar or pedal steering. 


Prices indicate one full layer of the named material . Layup will also contain full layers plus sections of fibreglass, carbon, Kevlar and core materials depending on the construction requested.

All fibreglass $2200.

Kevlar hull/ fibreglass deck $2500.

Kevlar hull/ carbon deck $2750. 

Carbon hull / carbon deck $2850. (Also has some Kevlar in the hull.)