Down River racing

Avenger Mk2

The Mk II Avenger is essentially the same as the MV but is smaller in volume. It is most suited to smaller paddlers of lighter weight. Its lower nose pierces the waves allowing the kayak to run flat in small waves helping with control. It is sensational in shallow water

Avenger MV

The MV Avenger is the last in the series designed by multi–Australian Wild Water champion Steve Muir and hull designer Jan Horak. The bow is fuller than the MKII for faster lift in big wave and the stern is straighter to help with tracking. Over all it is a stable and

Wizard Wild Water

The Wizard is highly successful boat in the K1 class and has had several overall wins in the Avon Descent. The hull shape of the Wizard is inspired by the Avenger MK1 Downriver Racer. It can be paddles with or without a rudder. The main difference being the Wizard is

Avenger 9X

The Avenger 9X Extreme creek racer. Inspired by all the creek racers coming out from the big boys in plastic. A combination of the X1 slalom hull and deck bits of our beloved Avenger and 9 foot long Hence the name Avenger 9X. or A9X in tribute to Peter Brock. 

Alchemist Wild Water

The Alchemist wild Water kayak is for those paddlers wanting a do all K1 for wild water  downriver racing,   It is also fantastic on rough open water lakes and wide rivers.  It also works as fast relatively stable K1 on the flat-water events.  Length 5.2 Metres, Width 40 cm, Cockpit: