Time Bandit

The longest multisport kayak in the range. The Time Bandit is remarkable for its speed, turning ability and ease of handling. The length and volume of this boat make it particularly suitable for paddlers over 75 kg. The Time Bandit has established itself as the multisport kayak against which all others

Alchemist K1

This is a no compromise kayak that has all the speed of a top flight K1 with superior ease of handling. The Alchemist is good for paddlers above 80 kg and we also have a small version called the Alchemist SV for paddlers under 60 Kg and a mid-sized model, the Alchemist MV,

Wizard K1

The Low Deck Wizard has the hull speed and handling of the classic Wizard but has a sleeker sprint kayak style deck. The Wizard is an ideal first step for those making the transition from TK1 or Rec kayaks into the K1 class.  A fast stable flatwater K1 that is

GT Aero

The  GT is an exceptionally stable, comfortable and easy to handle racing kayak. A perfect boat for new paddlers and TK1 races. Also doubles as an ideal inshore touring boat. Its light weight making it easy to manage on and off the car and its performance making it ideal for rough


The GTS is a popular Tk1 design that was purchased from another manufacturer. It has the proven flat section to chimed hull used to get the maximum performance  from the Tk1 spec hull.  It comes with a high and low seat option.  Trailing rudder and pedal or tiller steering.  Length