Bandicoot junior K1

                                         Speed and stability packed into a 4.5 metre kayak.  We used our race winning hull from the Avenger Mk2 wild water racer and lowered the sides and spliced on a shortened version of the Wizard LD deck.  Being based off the Avenger makes the Bandicoot both fast and relatively stable for

GT Aero

The  GT is an exceptionally stable, comfortable and easy to handle racing kayak. A perfect boat for new paddlers and TK1 races. Also doubles as an ideal inshore touring boat. Its light weight making it easy to manage on and off the car and its performance making it ideal for rough

Avenger 9X

The Avenger 9X Extreme creek racer. Inspired by all the creek racers coming out from the big boys in plastic. A combination of the X1 slalom hull and deck bits of our beloved Avenger and 9 foot long Hence the name Avenger 9X. or A9X in tribute to Peter Brock.