Wizard Wild Water

The Wizard is highly successful boat in the K1 class and has had several overall wins in the Avon Descent.

The hull shape of the Wizard is inspired by the Avenger MK1 Downriver Racer.

It can be paddles with or without a rudder.

The main difference being the Wizard is 0.7m longer and narrower. Good stability and high volume make the Wizard a magic in the rough stuff. Can be paddled without a rudder on the flat or in rivers.

Length 5.2 Metres Width 51 cm Cockpit: Standard

Standard features;

White gelcoat hull. Deck with one or two colours in gelcoat.
All kayaks have outside glass join, Kevlar internal join. (Except all glass kayaks have glass inside join)
Standard with padal steering and trailing rudder.
Four bolt adjustable footrest.
Polystyrene foam bouncy glassed in.
Choice of seats.

Prices with rudder;

Prices indicate one full layer of the named material. Layup will also contain full layers plus sections of fibreglass, carbon, Kevlar and core materials depending on the construction requested.

All fibreglass $2550

Kevlar hull/ fibreglass deck $2750. (With carbon around the cockpit.)

Kevlar hull/ carbon deck $2950. (Also has carbon reinforcing in the hull.)

Carbon hull / carbon deck $3250.


It can be paddled without rudder, 

Take $200 off.