The Stingray kayak is all about getting out on the water with the minimal fuss. 

Light, stable , excellent tracking and good speed for a 4 metre kayak.

Lenght 4 metres    Width 65 cm     Cockpit size 46 x 107 cm.   Weight 12.5 to 16 Kg (depending on outfitting)

Paddler weight 40 to 85 Kg 

Standard features;

White gelcoat hull. Deck with choice of standard colours.

Seat, combing and out side join colours. Black or White, 

All kayaks have an outside glass join,

Adjustable footrest. grab handles.

Polystyrene foam bouncy glassed in.

  Basic Stingray. Seat, adjustable foot rest, foam glassed in,  rope grab handles

  Fibreglass (deck and hull) $1995    Carbon (deck and hull $2300

  Basic + rudder        Seat, adjustable foot rest with steering pedals, rudder,  foam glassed in, rope grab handles .

  Fibreglass (deck and hull) $2215    Carbon (deck and hull $2550

  Deluxe  Seat  adjustable foot rest with steering pedals, rudder,  foam glassed in, front & rear bulkheads, hard backrest, webbing grab handles and rear 200 mm hatch.

  Fibreglass (deck and hull) $2500    Carbon (deck and hull) $2850

You can play around with bespoke outfitting adding to the Basic. 

Rudder $120 (Alloy rudder $$220)

Hard backrest  $50(designed for use with life jackets )

Foam backrest $75 (From Mission kayaks ) 

Decklines $35.

Bulkheads . Rear  only $130. With 150 mm inspection port  in bulkhead and bag.

                        Rear only  $150. With 200 mm hatch in rear deck.

                        Front only $80 (Has 100 mm inspection port for airing ) 

                        Both $200.  Or $220 with 200 mm hatch in rear deck .

  Fibreglass backrest . This works well with life jackets.

     Foam backrest


     Rope grab handle

   Webbing grab handle.

   8 Inch flat hatch.